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          Showing Room On Line
          About YaDeng
            Qingtian Ya Deng locks Company is special large-scale enterprise, which manufactures the lock tools. The company possesses a strong strength, advanced technical equipment and strict administration. It belongs to star enterprise and export currency creation advanced enterprise. Our series door locks occupy the fir strank of the famous brand locks bdcause of their new style molding and excelled quality and also won ISO9001 International Quality Control System Attestation. The products sold well on over 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions and far to South east Asia, Europe and America and Middle east countries and regions.
             The Strong brand series lock tools produced by our company have got high reputation from the proprietary,architectural design,construction unit and users since their throwing on the markets.
          Contact Us
          Factory Add:No3.Gangsi Road,Wenxi Town Qingtian Lishui Zhejiang,China
          General Manager:Mr.Guozhong Jin 86-0-13706660902
          Sales Department:
          Tandiy Pan 86-13736799992 Tel:0577-86285529 QQ:386656503
          Kitty Wu +86-13777772161 Tel:0577-86280708 QQ:23607076
          CopyRight:Qingtian Yadeng Locks Co.,Ltd Tel:86-577-86280708 Fax:86-577-86287529
          Factory Add:No3.Gangsi Road,Wenxi Town Qingtian Lishui Zhejiang,China 浙ICP备17023943号

          CopyRight:Qingtian Yadeng Locks Co.,Ltd